High Performance Computing

We designed the chassis and mechanical parts are used in the Top500 high performance computers. The demand in this field is that the chassis manufacturer must be able to participate discussion and comes out solution in those aspects of the overall computing architecture, structural strength, heat dissipation, hot-swap computing node, and high-wattage power supply proposals. Also, due to its complex structure, the manufacturing yield rate and maintenance issues are more critical, so Chenbro will partnership with you to offer professional soluitons.

Model Name Design Code Description Download
508083 This cabinet includes 10 computing nodes, installed with mini-ITX motherboard, and it is powered by two AC inlets with distributed AC wires.
508117 This chassis features 16-port 6Gb/s 2.5" backplane and supports 16"x 14" Quad CPU server board. Its high computing power and high I/O performance are key design factors.

This is a personal HPC or cluster chassis supporting three computing nodes with proprietary motherboard. Based on existing design concept, you can come out own ideas in short.