Storage enclosure is one of our product lines, so we have plenty of products for your design reference and customized to meet your needs. Even if you want to develop new products, our parts database including HDD tray, hot-swap backplane, fan modules and cables so that you can reduce product development cycle and costs. In addition, our equipments of vibration test, thermal validation, and software simulation can help you verify the product and identify potential problems; while experienced manufacturing engineers will make relevant recommendations from the production point of view.

Model Name Design Code Description Download
NK301 This is a 3-bay 2.5" Hot-swap HDD cage with 6Gb/s backplane. The anti-vibration and anti-shock are its major design factors, therefore this module can be applied to certain critical environments without expensive SSD involved.

In total, this chassis supports 100 2.5" HDD hot-swap bays with 6Gb/s backplane support. It presents Chenbro's technologies on engineerings of electronic and mechanical including sag and bow free.