CK23601 (EOL)
6Gb/s Full-Height 36-Port SAS Expander Card
CK23601 supports 24 x internal HDDs, 1 x external input and 1 x external output connections. It is ideal for highly compatible and scalable cluster application at 6Gb/s transfer rate, as well as front-end storage subsystem of cluster, SAN and NAS applications.
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Features & Benefits
  • Built-in LSI SASIIX36 6Gb/s SAS Expander Controller
  • Supports up to 24 SAS/SATA HDD in directly connection
  • Supports two external SFF-8088 connectors for daisy chain connection
  • Supports HDD failure and activity indication and HDD ID mapping
  • Mechanical fitting compatible with PCI-e 4x, 8x, 16x and PCI slots
  • Firmware upgradeable through RS-232 interface
  • 4 pin power connector to power from PSU cable
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  • Order Code CK23601H0C01
    HW Rev. A0
    FW Rev. 0701
    Dimensions ( LxW) 195.0 x 106.68 mm
    Chipset LSI SASIIX36
    Internal Ports Input from SAS HBA / RAID Card : 4-port (1x Mini-SAS)
    Output to Backplane : 24-port (6x Mini-SAS)
    External Ports Input from Host: 4-port (1x Mini-SAS)
    Output to JBOD: 4-port (1x Mini-SAS)
    Support OS Windows Server 2003
    Windows Server 2008
    Red Hat 5.0
    Cent OS 5.3
    Ubuntu 9.04
    Cable Option SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 Mini-SAS cable 600 mm
    SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 External Mini-SAS cable 860 mm
    Power Dissipation 12 Watts
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Datasheet 6Gb/s SAS Expander Cards Datasheet V1.1 454.8 KB
    Driver 6Gb/s SAS Expander with FW1401/0701, for Windows Server 2003 V1.1 576 Bytes
    Driver 6Gb/s SAS Expander with FW0701, for Windows Server 2003 V1.0 3.7 KB
    User Manual CK23601Quick Installation Guide V1.1 250.8 KB
  • Category Part. No# Description Support
    Bracket, UEK kit, w/Power Control board

    Cable, mini-SAS(HOST) to 4*SATA w/sideband,600mm

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  • Order Code Form Factor Internal Connector External Connector Firmware Version Hardware Version
    CK23601H0C01 Full Height 6x SFF-8087 2x SFF-8088 0701 A0