Happy Chenbro People


Chenbro employees are partners as well as family who believe in creating a cheerful working environment and providing high quality products and services. The Chenbro family is built on mutual respect, trust, and sharing. Therefore aside from the monthly paycheck, the sense of achievement is what Chenbro employees are striving for. At the same time, Chenbro provides a solid stage for its employees to grow, to advance, and to blossom. Chenbro also takes an aim at enriching and nurturing its people of business expertise, ingenuity, and the right mind-set. People in Chenbro are all very grateful and willing to treat one another with heart, which coincides with the 3H (Hope,Health, Happy ) philosophy which also positively and significantly changes our value. We hope to create an energetic, happy, and warm working environment and most importantly an A team.

Learning Development Blueprint  
Learning Map for New Recruits

For a swift adoption to the Chenbro culture for our new recruits and to master the
job-related skills, Chenbro has prepared a comprehensive training program with
well-thought of and detailed learning roadmap. We ensure our new recruits to
have a full understanding of our company through a series of introductive courses which involves company history/milestone, managerial system, and product knowledge.
Further hands-on trainings are also available, which designed exclusively for recruits
who require practical experience and solid fundamental in order to master their jobs.

Professional development in the function

Chenbro is determined in nurturing professional talents who are innovative, enthusiastic, and ambitious via tailor-made training programs and courses based on the demand of skill level, specific functionality, and required expertise. Training programs and courses are very versatile and involve from project management, problem analysis, creative thinking, sales skills, electronic circuitry, material property, 3D graphic, and more.

Management talent development

The company offers various and progressive managerial training and refreshing courses for department heads from each level. It has always been the company policy
to improve managerial leadership, to update managerial concept, and to sharpen managerial skills for keeping our managerial staff on the right track and to take aims
at the future success of the company.

Sharing of knowledge

Through holding informal events and via virtual means including such as study groups, learning e-paper, and holding symposiums, we hope to cultivate the kind of environment
for spontaneous learning and to instill the sense of self-improvement, which would help
us in achieving the kind of cohesiveness and bringing our employees more closer together.

Mental growth

We hope that Chenbro employees can develop professional skills and to experience growth on the mental aspect as well. At the same time, we wish Chenbro employees to embrace the 3H philosophy (Health, Happiness and Hope), which our general manager advocates. Furthermore, we believe in developing people skills including getting along with and interacting with others in order to maximize the synergy effect.

Employees at Chenbro can study via the following channels  
Internal training:
Chenbro invites outside consultants annually or sometimes arranges internal speakers to give lectures targeting at achieving the company set goals and department’s strategic development.
Outside training:
Employees can apply or be recommended by the executives to participate in training courses held by outside training institutes. Chenbro has allocated an annual budget for such important employee cultivation program
On job training:
We encourage employees to apply for on-job training or refreshing courses in accordance with company’s long-term demand of human resources
Knowledge management:
The daily / weekly learning e-paper and company subscribed trade magazines at employees’ fingertips for keeping up with the trend and inspiring creative thinking