Salary is just one of the many benefits Chenbro offers and what employees are entitled to. Chenbro employees are treated with great respect and sincerity. We want our employees to be happy with their work, environment, and enjoy the added value Chenbro offers because "We are one big happy family".

The following is the benefit packages:

Humanity friendly working environment and system
Weekly five wordking days with flexible working hours.
Equal opportunity regardless of gender.
Hold cultural-related activities and artistic appreciation events periodically to enrich the mind and knowledge.
Complete promotional scheme.
Diverse benefits
Offer opportunity for academic scholarship program and cash gifts for birthday.
Annual company trips.
Employees equity share bonus.
Free health examination.
Selections of employee benefit packages—Art and movie tickets, book purchase, luxury spa, and plenty more.
On-site Café
Excellent learning channels
Excellent pre-job and on-the-job training for maximizing employees’ capacity and potential.
Offer rich and in-depth learning resources including employee learning meeting and daily e-paper / managerial weekly learning.
Offer EMBA study
Sound labor system
Comprehensive labor and health insurance scheme.
Comprehensive and complete pension plan.
Employee welfare committee offers excellent employee benefits.