Chenbro Launches 2U Dual Sockets General Purpose Flexible Server/Storage Chassis



Taipei, Taiwan, January, 11, 2018 –Chenbro launches its new high disk I/O performance 2U server/storage chassis – RM23808, RM23812 and RM23824, which are sharing the same enclosure and support motherboard form factor up to 12”x13”. This series offers flexible drive configurations of 8, 12 and 24 bays. As well, both 2.5” and 3.5” HDD trays consist of tool-less design for quick installation and removal. Customers can also select PSU form factor, either in a 2U single PSU or a 1 + 1 CRPS, based on the application requirements. With the built in 12Gb/s Mini-SAS HD expander backplane or optional NVMe backplane, these double the disk I/O throughput and boosts data processing speed to fulfill wide range of workload from common business tasks to high performance computing applications.


Discover greater versatility
RM238 series, which takes great advantage of modularity from RM237 series, offers excellent versatility. Specifically, its modular HDD cages, fan cages and tool-less PCI-e riser cage help the customers to customize their business. And they benefit greatly from shorter production lead time and lower re-investment costs on molds. In addition, RM23824, which is built on two separated 12Gb/s backplanes that support 8-port and 16-port drives individually, give customers flexibility to combine hard drives with NVMe drives in one enclosure. RM238 series, with its enhanced versatility, helps customers control its budget for the initial system investment.


Deliver powerful disk I/O performance
RM238 series has the ability to provide ultra-low latency and powerful disk I/O performance with the Chenbro designed NMVe backplanes that allow connectivity for up to 24-bay drives. It is important to note this series (NVMe solution) can help enterprises to easily deal with their large, complex, business-critical workloads. At the same time, RM238 series features an easy-swap rear window, supporting 7 PCI-e slots (low profile) or 3 PCI-e slots (full height). As a result of the NVMe solution paired with the flexible add-on card cage, storage is no longer the bottleneck to the speedy data transfer.


Offer superb thermal performance
Equipped with three hot-swap fans and built in smart fan control on the backplane, RM238 series can handle the thermal requirement of the latest Intel® Purley platform. This feature widens the range of workload from common business tasks to high performance computing applications. By solving the overheating issue on the rear two hard drives, it provides customers with a highly reliable server system. Further, by increasing air intake volume with the addition of a fourth fan, concentrating airflow by using simple-designed air duct and smoother airflow by reducing PSU cables, the thermal management on the RM238 series performs superbly.


About Chenbro
Founded in 1983, Chenbro (TWSE Ticker: 8210) has been the pioneer in designing and manufacturing of rackmount system, tower server and PC chassis. With over 35 years of immense experience in mechanical and electrical competence, Chenbro is qualified by first tier server brands to provide OEM, ODM and JDM services with EMS companies. In addition, Chenbro has successfully extended its business footprint to datacenters and industrial solutions by continuously investing in technologies to deliver the most trusted servers and PC chassis with the highest standard of innovation. For more information about Chenbro, please visit