Chenbro Launches 2U Modularized Server Chassis for Boosting Virtualization



Taipei, Taiwan, September 19, 2016 –Chenbro just launched its brand-new 2U enterprise server chassis. RM237 applies brilliant ideas of modularization and tool-less installation to all key components, including hard drives cages, trays, motherboard trays, fan cages, & add-in cards. Furthermore, the chassis shares the same enclosure and work with Extended ATX (12”x13”) and L-shape (16.7”x17”) motherboards. With these flexible attributes, system integrators (SI) can easily fulfill various needs for virtualization of enterprises by quickly installing certain motherboards in the chassis. Meanwhile, this will enable SIs to reduce their financial stress and improve their inventory turnover due to low level of stocks. On the other hand, focusing on optimizing the performance of Intel Server Board S2600WT, RM237 provides superb thermal performance and outstanding expanding capability. The chassis is built with 8 PCI Express slots which help boost the computing performance of the motherboard. In addition, RM237 Series is designed for simple re-configuration by customers. Offering over 10 different models, the chassis is able to reach most needs of enterprise applications. This solution maximizes the value of for customers because it minimizes the costs of production.


Athene Project: Modularization
Cloud Computing is flourishing globally, almost every enterprise will be leveraging external services from data centers. This phenomenon, however, generates many concerns for application and challenges on management to datacenters. In order to reach those criteria, flexible configuration and easy installation/maintenance are turning into hot topics nowadays. Chenbro has been focusing on production of chassis for 33 years, accumulating profound expertise related to product design and manufacturing. In recent years, Chenbro has also hired more talented professionals specialized in server and storage systems, and therefore is able to achieve the afore-mentioned market needs optimizing its expertise. Developing “Athene Project”, a concept of products designs, we aim to offer a selection of modular components, which are critical to diversify server applications and fit your budget. SI customers are faced with the challenges of massive stocks that can also be eased by choosing modular components offered by Chenbro: two types of motherboard trays, three types of fan cages and four options of front accessing HDD cages. A flexible server chassis, based on your requirements, is a superb choice for your project specifications.


Application-oriented Design of Chassis
Virtual applications need massive amounts of memories installed in servers. A 12” x 13” size motherboard, the commonly used one, however, lacks sufficient memories that can boost a server’s capacity to the levels required for virtualization. The primary benefit of RM237 Series is supporting L-shaped motherboards, offering sufficient memory, CRPS power supply, as well as modular design feature. The chassis also features motherboard and PSU downward compatibility with E-ATX motherboard (12” x 13”) and 2U redundant PSU, by easily hand-swapping motherboard trays. In addition, RM237 Series not only provides an amazing amount of PCI Express slots (up to 8) by modular add-in cards, but also features the optional choice of 2-bay 2.5” HDD (hot-swap) for installing operational system. It is designed for easy installation, flexible configuration and unsurpassed reliability, RM237 is the best server chassis choice for gigantic data & parallel processing, cloud computing and virtualization.


About Chenbro
Founded in 1983, Chenbro has been pioneering the design and manufacture of server and PC chassis for over 33 years. As well as specializing in server solutions for its own brand, Chenbro.
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