Chenbro Launches 1U ATX Server Chassis for Enterprise Applications



Taipei, Taiwan, August 5, 2016 –Chenbro launches its new enterprise server chassis RM14604, equipped with the brand new design of tool-less 3.5” HDD tray, built in 12Gb/s hot-swap backplane, supporting ATX (12" by 9.6") motherboard, featuring a plenty of tool-less design, and adopting fans with smart speed control to meet SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) needs for continuing business growth. RM14604 also has the DNA of great motherboard compatibility inherited from Chenbro past series; moreover, Chenbro had developed a set of specific mounting kits of BBU and IOM as well as specific air duct in order to work perfectly with Intel Silver Pass motherboard so that the performance of Intel motherboard can be boosted. In addition, RM14604 is also highly flexible and affordable for customization that users can easily change some parts via their local manufacturing partners.


Incredible New Mechanical Design
The new type of server chassis is currently launched with Chenbro’s leading mechanical design and technology. Three key factors construct RM14604 dramatically different from the others - the custom-allowed appearance, the robust structure and the incredible air intake. The custom-allowed appearance, RM14604 has the high flexibility of being customized by system integrator or solution provider on its outlook to increase the corporate identity. Regarding the robust structure, RM14604, reduced chassis height, is ideal to free sage issue, which is critical to supporting high density computing and storage usage. Zealously, the new HDD tray design essentially maximizes air intake and positively influenced the volume of air intake and thermal efficiency. Therefore, the latest tool-less 3.5” HDD tray, designed for increasing air flow and customization flexibility, is validated by FEA (finite element analysis) and 33-years of field experience.


Flexible configuration and Installation Friendly
RM14604 supports four hot-swap 3.5” SAS/SATA HDDs, two internal 2.5” HDDs, and one slim DDD that fulfill the needs of installing various software for SMEs. With exceptional internal cable management, those tool-less HDD trays and ODD bay are beneficial for not only system integrator (SI) to save a large amount of installation time, but SMEs to ease IT maintenance complexity. Furthermore, with efficient air intake as well as excellent cable management, the quantity of cooling fan can be decreased and as a result total cost of ownership is also lower. Moreover, RM 14604 also retains room for an extra cooling fan and has built-in smart fan speed control on the 12 Gb/s backplane, enabling diverse system configurations and allowing SIs or SMEs to build their own need of thermal performance.

More than Flexible
“Maker” becomes a trend everywhere, and information security in Cloud era brings government attention, so the possibility of local-made is a must now. According to this trend, RM14604 is designed to achieve this goal via label, color change of certain parts, or customized front bezel. It can be done by either Chenbro factory or local manufacturing partner. Therefore, RM14604 is not only a reliable, but a flexible server chassis that keeps a business growing and exploring new market opportunities.


About Chenbro
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