Welcome to Visit Chenbro at WHD.global 2016

Taipei, Taiwan, March 15, 2015— Chenbro. A pioneer, Chenbro, specializing in design and manufacture of mechanical solutions for server and storage system, displays its high density storage server solutions from 2U to 4U series today at E07 - Europa-Park, WHD.global 2016 Europe in Rust, Germany. In the exhibition, the guests can easily find Chenbro’s new launch series designs for greater computing capability, memory and storage density demand; meanwhile, the two cardinal benefits of Chenbro’s products including customization for extraordinary flexibility and cost efficiency; innovative design for remarkable serviceability and manageability will easily satisfy contemporary demand. Plus, the tool-less, fault tolerant and anti-vibration design are perfect fitted to Enterprise, Data Center and Cloud-scale deployments.

Innovative mechanical design and System Architecture

Newly developed high density storage solution includes 4U 48-bay and 60-bay models with top-load hot-swap design to maximize storage capacity. Such design encounter the challenges from heat dissipation, vibration, manageability, installation and maintenance and Chenbro has been continuously investing equipment for verification equipment, system simulation, and electrical R&D and has been focused on innovative mechanical design and system architecture to conquer these problems and provide customized solutions for enterpriser to reduce operating costs. Tool-less installation and enclosure management software are two fine examples to describe. Pertaining to tool-less HDD installation, it is designed to place HDD on a point to point basis into a tray and saves up to 80% of installation time. Furthermore, Chenbro’s innovative enclosure management software provides both basic management services; for instance, monitoring statues temperature, and adjustable one, such as upgrading firmware online through management platform and customizable cooling profile for diverse system configuration.

Maximize Customer Values
The White-box server market is flourishing, resulting from the diversity in development of cloud computing data center. This change leads to a growth in the demands for customizing server storage chassis. The customization offers flexibility in adjusting products that it attracts many enterprises such as system integrators and software vendors to customize their own specific product needs in these days. Chenbro, with a 33-year history in the mechanical design business, has the mature ability to customize products for its customers through its modular product design, diverse on-hand molds, “Parts Bank” and hybrid production method to maximize customer benefits and advantages.

Chenbro is an ODM and JDM partner for numerous top-tier server brands, with deepen mechanical and electrical expertise, Chenbro is continuously investing in technologies and working closely with industry partners to deliver quality server and PC chassis at the highest standards of innovation. For more information about Chenbro, visit www.chenbro.com