Chenbro launches 2U 16 & 24-bay 2.5" 12Gb/s high disk I/O performance server chassis

Taipei, Taiwan, September 11, 2015 – Chenbro launches new 2U high disk I/O performance server chassis, RM23616 & RM23624, which share the same enclosure and work with EATX (12”x13”) motherboard, it offers flexible configuration either of 16 or 24-bay hot-swap hard drives. Built in a 12Gb/s SAS expander backplane, it doubles the disk I/O throughput and boosts data processing speed to fulfill the applications involving in heavy workload of intensive disk I/O data transaction, such as enterprise or scientific virtualization & data analysis, streaming reads/writes, multithreaded reads/writes like big data & Hadoop.


A variety of HPC applications need more advanced computing and data processing power to fulfill those demanding applications. RM23616/RM23624 feature with 12Gb/s SAS expander backplane, rather than just a passive backplane, not only spurring the disk I/O transfer rate and efficiency of data transaction, but also taking advantage of DataBolt™ technology of LSI IC, it is backward compatible with 6Gb/s HDD, system operation speed can be migrated to 12Gb/s providing that the existing infrastructure is still of 6Gb/s platform. Meanwhile, customer can enjoy the benefits of server management, such as T-10 zoning, smart fan speed control, SES, and I2C.


With up to 24-bay of hard drives in one 2U enclosure, thermal efficiency becomes critical. Chenbro adopts the expander to minimize the cable number of all 24 hard drives by connecting only one cable between the HBA and the expander to keep the air flow smoothly. Equipped with up to four hot-swap fans in the proprietary anti-vibration cage design, the server can reach a better thermal performance at lowest vibration impact.


Modularization design is another remarkable advantage of this model, including hot-swap HDD and fan, internal 2.5” HDD cage, exposed ODD cage, and the 12Gb/s expander module as well, which makes the server configuration upscalable and manageable. All the modules are tool-less design and can be replaced easily without sophisticated procedure. The separate two HDD backplanes supporting 16 and 8 hard drives individually give customer flexibility to configure storage capacity by choosing of HDD or the ODD cage. System can be constructed to fit requirements at the beginning stage, customer can benefit from these characteristics to control budget for initial system investment. 


Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Taiwan, Chenbro is a pioneer in the field of server and storage chassis. The accumulated experiences with tier one branding companies and data centers have implanted its compelling integration and manageability efficiency. Through all proven signal analysis, simulation and characterization equipments, Chenbro’s capability of customization and modularization has helped customers succeed in system configuration. For more information and solution proposal, please visit Chenbro website or contact sales division.