We are Chen-Source, from humble beginnings in 1986, years of planning, diligence and integrity have quickly transformed us into a leading manufacturer of computer accessories, and office organization product s. Utilizing the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques, Chen-Source now develops an entire line of products, each created to simplify your home and office workspace. With over twenty years of experience in design and manufacturing, Chen-Source is your source for high-quality, user-friendly office solutions. 

Since 1986, Chen-Source has taken great pride in manufacturing products that are not only user-friendly, but are also built to last. Anticipating global market trends, many of our products feature K/ D designs, which enhance product portability and manufacturing simplicity. This results in products that consistently deliver Chen-Source's philosophy of elegant design, ease-of-use, and unmatched quality. 

With dedicated professionalism, a passion for manufacturing office and computer accessories, and by working closely with both partners and clients, we are constantly expanding and developing new markets, enabling users worldwide to enjoy quality Chen-Source products.