RM138 Series
1U Full Featured Computing Server Chassis
Powerful computing capability combined with flexible storage, add-in card, and fan configurations meet business IT, data center and cloud applications.
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Features & Benefits
  • Supports MB size up to 16.7" x 17" (Custom)
  • Supports Intel S2600WF family motherboards
  • Modular design for HDD cages
  • Tool-less 2.5" / 3.5" HDD tray
  • Diversified 12Gb/s HDD backplanes for flexible storage configurations
  • Supports two full-height PCI-e slot
  • Supports 1+1 redundant CRPS PSU
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  • M/B Form Factor 16.7" x 17" (Custom)
    Dimensions (D x W x H) 735.0 x 438.5 x 43.2 (mm)
    28.94" x 17.26" x 1.70"
    Drive Bay RM13804 (3.5" Hot-swap):4
    RM13804 (2.5" Internal):2
    RM13804 (Slim ODD):1
    RM13810 (2.5" Hot-swap):10
    Storage Backplane RM13804 : 3.5" 4-port 12Gbps, Mini-SAS HD
    RM13810 : 2.5" 10-port 12Gbps, Mini-SAS HD
    PSU Form Factor 1+1 CRPS
    Indicator 1 x Power Status
    2 x LAN Activity
    1 x HDD Status
    1 x UID
    1 x System Alarm
    Front Control 1 x Power On/Off
    1 x UID
    2 x USB3.0
    Cooling Fan RM13804: 40 x 56 mm (6, up to 8)
    RM13810: 40 x 56 mm (6, up to 8)
    System Security Intrusion Switch (Option)
    Expansion Slot Opening 2 x Full Height & Half Length
    Net Weight 11.6 kg/25.55 lb
    Gross Weight 15.3 kg/33.70 lb
    Cubic Feet 3.48
    Container Loading (Single Packing) 20': 200, 40': 380
  • Category Description Revision Size Download
    Datasheet RM138 Series Datasheet V1.3 V.1.3 333.8 KB
    User Manual RM138 Series User Manual V1.0 V.1.0 3.8 MB
  • Category Part. No# Description Support
    Air Duct
    Air duct, Plastic, RM13804-307A, PC mylar, 94V-0, BK, for Fan 4056
    Front Bezel, 1U, Metal, Black
    Dummy Cover, for CRPS Module Opening
    Cover Fan, plastic, RM13704-50B, ABS 94V-0, BK CC1012
    AS'Y MISC.,Fan (4056), Nidec, RM13804, w/Fan guard & screw
    HDD Kit
    HDD Kit, screw packing, 2.5" HDD, M3*3.5, Flat, 60H141230-034*12PCS, for screw-on HDD tray
    HDD Kit
    HDD Kit, screw packing, 3.5" HDD, #6-32 L4, Flat, 60H151103-042*16PCS, for screw-on HDD tray
    HDD Tray
    3.5" HDD Tray, panel BK, screw-type
    Power Supply
    PSU, CRPS, 800w, Hot-swap, w/o PDB, ACBEL, Single Module
    Rack Handle
    Cabinet Mounting Handle, Plastic part with latch, Black/Black, Right & Left
    Riser Card
    Riser Card, 1-slot, PCI-e 16x(RM13804b002), w/o PCIe holder, for RM138 series (for Intel 2600 MB Only)
    Riser Card
    Riser card, 1-slot, PCIe 16x (RM13804b002), with PCIe holder and packing, for RM138 series (for Intel 2600 MB Only)
    Slide Rail
    32.8“ slide rail, P2P:26.3" to 36.9", Traveling Distance 30.7", Loading Weight 30.8 Kg, Tool-less
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  • Order Code HDD Backplane Front Fan PSU USB 3.0
    RM13804M3 4-Port 12Gbps mini SAS 6 X 4056 N/A Yes
    RM13804M3-R800 4-Port 12Gbps mini SAS 6 X 4056 800W, CRPS Yes
    RM13810M3 10-Port 12Gbps mini SAS 6 X 4056 N/A Yes
    RM13810M3-R800 10-Port 12Gbps mini SAS 6 X 4056 800W, CRPS Yes