Born to Meet All Enterprise Virtualization Chenbro launches RB238G13 series, 2U Dual Sockets Versatile Storage Server System

Taipei, Taiwan, February, 2020 – Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) today releases RB238G13-U04 & U08, the 2U Dual Sockets Versatile Storage Server System that equipped with a dual sockets Intel Xeon scalable processor server board, supports 24-bay hot-swappable hybrid flash array solution which incorporates 4 x or 8 x direct-attached NVMe drives and 2 x 10GbE LAN, offering Intel VROC, Apache Pass, and Redfish compliance. The NVMe solution significantly pushes the performance, latency and throughput; they help users extend software-defined storage deployments to support traditional performance-constrained workloads such as virtualized environments, telco applications and more. Organizations that take advantage of software-defined storage combined with NVMe solution for these applications have a new lever for driving growth, reducing cost, and increasing agility without sacrificing performance and reliability.

Great Versatility and Performance to Embrace Virtualization

Both barebones support 24-port hot-swappable storage drives that offer IT flexibility to meet various applications. Equipped with a dual sockets Intel Xeon Scalable processor server board supports 16 x DDR4 memory, 2 x 10GbE LAN, and 4 x PCIe Gen3 expansion card. Built-in SAS/SATA and NVMe backplanes facilitate 24-port drives in one enclosure. These help enterprises get ready to embrace virtualization.

Powerful I/O Performance

The RB238G13-U04 & U08 have the ability to provide ultra-low latency and powerful disk I/O performance with hybrid flash array backplanes that allow connectivity of 4 x NVMe and 20 x SAS/SATA drives, or 8 x NVMe and 16 x SAS/SATA drives. With flexible hybrid storage array solution, they facilitate enterprises to easily deal with the large, complex and business-critical workloads. Both barebones support 4 x PCIe Gen3 slot as well for users to expand additional server capabilities. Powerful data transfer and storage area network (SAN) performance can help enterprises to handle various applications and workloads.

Superb Thermal Performance to Handle Collaborations

Equipped with high performance hot-swap fans and built-in smart fan control on the motherboard, both barebones can handle the thermal requirement of the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processor server board. This feature widens the range of workload from common business tasks to high cloud computing applications. They not only provide customers with highly reliable barebones along with the increasing air intake volume, but also can easily facilitate IT to handle any workflows and collaborations.

About Chenbro

Founded in 1983, Chenbro (TWSE: 8210) has been the trailblazer in designing and manufacturing of own-brand rackmount system, tower server and PC chassis for over 35 years. Chenbro is not only qualified by the first-tier server brands and provides OEM, ODM and JDM services with EMS companies, but also successfully extends its business footprint to datacenters and industrial solutions by continuously investing in technologies and delivers the most trusted server and PC chassis with the highest standard of innovation.  For more information about Chenbro, please visit