Welcome to CHENBRO at Computex 2012

Taipei, Taiwan—June 5, 2012—At Computex opening today, Chenbro demonstrates a series of offerings with smart fan control capability and dual-domain storage scalability. All clients’ demands from the cloud opportunity will be fulfilled with Chenbro’s expertise in mechanical design of 29 years.

Chenbro modular storage chassis has been enjoying its reputation for offering versatility on front design configuration, flexibility on hard drive cage and motherboard tray installation, and 6Gb/s backplane performance support. New rackmount chassis are showcased with expander backplanes that bring hard drive scalability as well.

New chassis for IPC server can endure the severe environment of industry users and is expected to form a new line to enrich the product portfolio. Corporate users are fond of new family bezels of PC Chassis which have been certified to support Intel®’s latest Ivy Bridge platform. SMB and SOHO users, on the other hands, benefit from the tower chassis for departmental sharing, NAS, or application of wider possibility.

Last, extending the use of VESA standard, Chenbro is honored to present two PC stands – MK11201 and MK11202 – and a mounting kit. The PC stands solve the monitor placing dilemma in the limited space, with the consideration on security of the asset, easy installation for users, and tidiness on the desk. The mounting kit lively showcases how Chenbro products are used in the field and certainly inspires more ideas in applications of chain stores, department stores, airports, and other public space.

Visitors are welcome to stop by at Chenbro’s booth at I1210, 1/F, Taipei World Trade center NANGANG Exhibition Hall June 5-9, 2012.